I'm Katy, the Untitled Future Artist, and welcome to my website. 

I am a fiercely independent individual, with a huge interest in all different aspects of art! I am currently living in Harrogate, with my jewellery studio set up here, where I am creating jewellery as much when I can alongside studying for my degree online and working as a Teaching Assistant! 

I've studied Fashion & Textiles at Leeds Art University, where amongst drawing, stitching, fashion illustrating and sewing, I found my love for making Jewellery. I started off working in my little shed and now work in my own home studio. I am mostly self-taught, but also studied at York School Of Jewellery as well as doing some incredible work experience at the Jewellery Designers 'Moxon and Simm'.

I love exploring the area around me with a fresh eye, and I was taught all about photography by the amazing photographer Heidi Sharpe, (Heidi Sharpe Photography on Facebook, www.heidisharpe.co.uk - check out the website too!). We now work together to photograph different events, in particular weddings. If you are interested, please look at both this website, and Heidi's (www.heidisharpe.co.uk), for all of our wedding photography. I also love travelling, and taking my camera with me. Not only do I get to see new places, (attempt) to speak new languages and enjoy new foods, but I also get an opportunity to capture some amazing images, to share with you. 

I hope you enjoy looking through my website, and feel free to leave me an email with any questions, enquiries or comments!

Picasso wrote "Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up?